Welcome to Magushi Colour Consultancy

Have you ever experienced the disappointment of buying clothes just because you liked the colour, only to realise later that it doesn’t suit you? It can be so frustrating, wasting money on clothes that don’t do you justice! It’s too easy to fall into the trap of thinking that certain colours are not meant for you or that only a lucky few can afford a personal stylist. But that’s not true! With the power of -colour analysis, you can unlock a whole new level of style, confidence and self-expression – and I’m excited to show you how it works.

The session includes:

  • Initial conversation and explanation of my method
  • Undertone analysis
  • Seasonal palette analysis (I use 4 season analysis plus tonal)

At the end of the session you will receive:

  • Colour fan of your colour pallette (digital or print version at supplementary extra cost)
  • PDF with all the information you need about your best colours for clothing, make-up, jewellery, hair and much more.

I am now taking bookings for personal colour consultations from JULY 2024. I work in Devon, Ivybridge, easily accessible for anyone in South Hams and Plymouth. Please use the link below to send me an email to book your session. I will then contact you with more details and to proceed to the booking.

Please note that we need to do the analysis in daylight and you will need to be make-up free during the session.

Consultation £95 (Up to 2h)

Colour Fan £30

Digital Colour Fan £15

What to expect

What is colour analysis? 

Colour analysis has become something of a sensation. It is the process of determining your natural skin undertone by analysing the melanin, carotenoids, and haemoglobin in your skin. To help people find colours that complement them. Don’t worry – it’s not invasive! In a colour analysis session, you’ll find out which colours complement your skin tone best.It’s why some celebrities stick to signature colours – they know what works! 

But, why should you choose colour analysis? It’s simple – you’ll save time and money by only investing in clothes that you’ll actually wear. Plus, you’ll feel amazing knowing which colours bring out the best in you! 

The consultation 

You might be surprised by the colours that look best on you, and I know first-hand how wearing colours in new ways can initially feel daunting! So, during the consultation, we’ll explore your best colour palette. After the session, you can purchase a handy colour swatch fan for reference when you’re out shopping (print or digital version) to ensure you’ll never have to guess which colours suit you again! 

During the consultation, I’ll determine whether pure, vivid colours or soft, muted shades are most flattering for you by draping a gorgeous array of coloured fabric drapes. I will guide you through my process and observations, pointing out which colours make your features look most striking. I’ll also provide a PDF file of all the information gathered during our session. 

Does my hair colour affect my colour palette? 

A little, since your undertone and natural hair colour are linked genetically. If you dye your hair, your underlying palette remains the same. You might find that some shades are more flattering depending on the colour of your hair. But – as a gift that keeps on giving – knowing your colour palette can also help you select your best hair colour. If you embrace your natural silver hair as you get older, you may also notice some subtle shifts within your colour palette. 

Surely my tan changes my palette? 

Surprisingly – no! Your skin’s undertone remains constant throughout your life (it’s determined by your genetics). Tans don’t change the undertone of your skin. Sometimes, it will allow you to wear more saturated colours. Similarly, over winter, or as we age, our skin may become a little paler or translucent, meaning that more understated colours work best for us.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop wasting money on clothes in colours that leave you feeling drab and grey. Book your session with me today and let’s get you feeling confident and fabulous in your perfect colours! I offer a friendly in-person colour analysis that takes up to 2 hours in my studio in Ivybridge. Seize this opportunity to transform your wardrobe today. Tomorrow, you can step out feeling confident and gorgeous – just as you should.