How to Measure for Curtains

Width – Do not measure the window. Measure your track or pole from end to end excluding finials.
Drop – Before you measure your drop, decide if you want your curtain to be floor length, sill length or above the sill.
For tracks – Measure from the top of the track.
For poles – Measure from the hook of the curtain ring and add 2cm so that the curtain can cover the hook. For eyelet curtains, measure from the top of the pole.

Sill Length

End 1.25cm (1/2″) above the windowsill

Below sill

End 15cm (6″) below the windowsill

Floor length

End 1.25cm (1/2″) above the floor



How to Measure for Blinds


Inside a window recess – If you want your blind positioned in the window recess, measure the width of the recess measured at the top, middle and bottom (plaster work is not always even and measurements may vary. This will prevent the blind from rubbing).
Outside a window recess – If you want your blind positioned outside the window recess, measure the recess and add 10cm.

Fitting blinds without or outside a recess requires a bracket or track to be fitted above your window, fixed directly to the wall or to a wooden batten more than 5cm (2″) above your window frame. Measure from the top of the fitting to the sill to ensure your blind will extend to provide full coverage.

Roller blinds are better fitted external to the recess. Within a recess the control mechanism for roller blinds requires additional room which will lead to a wider gap being present between the blind and wall and have an impact on the efficacy of the window covering.

Inside a recess, venetian, roller and roman blinds will need clearance space either side to ensure the sides don’t drag on the wall during extension, therefore the overall width should be reduced by 1cm. For vertical blinds, the length measurement should be reduced by 1cm to ensure the panels extend smoothly across the window without dragging on the window sill.

If your windows have an unusual shape or size get us to come out to measure to ensure its right prior making.