Colour Analysis & Personal Styling

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The colour analyses service will be available to you from April 2024. 

Colour analysis helps to determine which colours flatter you most. Based on your overall appearance and personality, you will be determined as one of 4 colour seasons. Each colour season comes with a colour palette, specifically designed to harmonise with your natural colouring.

The correct colours, the ones that suit you most, bring your natural appearance to life and enhance your skin, eyes, and hair. You’ll appear bright and awake.

The wrong colours can make you look off or sick. They can make you look drained. Your hair will look drab, your face will look gaunt and often give the impression of discoloration.

To help you to navigate the most suitable colours, I will talk to you about your personality and lifestyle, determine the warmth/coolness of you skin and drape you. I will advise you on best colours for your clothing and make up as well as hair colour.

Additional service for colour analyses is determining your body shape and what would suit you best. 

All the above services will empower you and boost your confidence. It is for everyone: men and women.