A Life of Adventure:
I’m Magdalena, and my life has been quite an adventure – a mix of travel, culture, and gaining a variety of work experiences. Originally from Slovakia, I’ve wandered through the charming streets of France, soaked up the lively vibes of various places across Europe and the UK, and ventured even further, always with a curious spirit and a passion for exploration.

Crafting Expertise and Creativity:
My professional narrative is a blend of technical prowess, marketing acumen, and a deep-seated passion for creativity. It all began with a childhood steeped in art and design, nurturing a love for the creative sector that eventually led me to pursue Interior Design at Plymouth University of Art. I am a qualified designer, soft furnishings maker, color analyst, and hold a teaching qualification. With backgrounds in design and photography, I offer a knowledgeable approach to personal styling, color analysis, and interior design needs.

Entrepreneurship and Diverse Roles:
With over three decades of experience, I’ve traversed through diverse roles in design and engineering, even venturing into entrepreneurship with the establishment of three businesses since 2007. Creativity and observation have been my steadfast companions throughout this journey, as evidenced by my academic pursuits in fashion design, art history, business management, and languages.

Magushi: A Platform for Creativity:
In 2016, I founded Magushi, a platform through which I deliver a range of services including Interior Design, Photography, Personal Styling, and Colour Consultancy, serving the Ivybridge and Plymouth areas of Devon and beyond.

Capturing Moments Through Photography:
Photography, once a cherished hobby, has evolved into a fulfilling career where I strive to capture the perfect picture, distilling moments into timeless frames that resonate with emotion and authenticity.

Crafting Spaces with Care:
At the core of my interior design work lies a commitment to helping clients translate their ideas into tangible, practical designs that enhance their living spaces. There’s a unique joy in seeing individuals truly at ease in their surroundings. It’s this sense of comfort and belonging that fuels my commitment to crafting spaces that resonate with authenticity and warmth. This ethos guides my journey towards achieving utmost satisfaction in every project I undertake.

Join me on this journey of creativity, exploration, and transformation. Together, let’s craft spaces that not only look beautiful but also evoke a sense of comfort, joy, and wellbeing.