Biophilia in my life

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Biophilia is the connection of humans to nature. We feel better when surrounded by greenery and other living beings. It is definitely true for me. In Slovakia, we all have plants inside our homes, it is something I grew up with. I grew up in a city center and most of my friends and family lived in flats. Our grandparents often had gardens or allotments outside of cities with a little chalet or a house. Many people had access to gardens and were growing their own food and flowers.

Today, my parents live outside of the city and have gardens and easier access to nature. In our village is a lake, where I learned to swim. It’s beautiful to recharge batteries by going for a walk or just sit there and watch the sun go down.

In our homes, we still carry the nature inside. As you can see, my dad loves (always did) succulents and cactuses and at my mums, we have mostly leafy plants easy to look after. We use a hydroponic system as this is much easier and also makes pots very light. I love sunshine pouring in and greenery.